Get into the ticketing of the future!

TicketOffice is fare management as a true all-in-one solution. Ticket subscribers, occasional users and student traffic can be easily handled with TicketOffice.

Whether train or bus, metropolitan or rural areas – whether subscribers, casual or student traffic – chip card, paper tickets or online ticket:

With TicketOffice, you have fare management in total control. TicketOffice is based on the daily requirements of your transport business or association. TicketOffice is VDV-KA compliant and suitable for any size of business. With TicketOffice, ticketing is easy.

Simplify subscriber management, student, casual traffic and CICO

  • With multistage receivables management
  • …and an extensive reporting system,
  • you can transfer revenues, foreign revenues and product sales.

TicketOffice assists you in the processing of different tariff sources and integrates different distribution channels and output technologies. TicketOffice includes export options for serial printing, bookings and receivables exports, statistics, or for NAVISION data transfer. With TicketOffice, you can make date-fare adjustments and flexible pricing algorithms for co-payment rules for student traffic.

TicketOffice also includes:

  • Extensive product configuration: TicketOffice can distribute tariffs via a manufacturer-independent standard interface (HUSST) to terminals (EFAD) as well
  • An interface for mass personalizers according to VDV-KA
  • Pre-paid auto-load functionality for revenue assurance
  • Differentiated rights/roles management as well as integrated tools (image processing for people pictures, layout editor and barcode option, scanner and camera interface)

As an option, you can also support your billing-related workflow with fare.logiQ modules such as the EDB (proceeds database) and the EAV (revenue sharing method).

Online sales channel: TicketOffice via the internet

TicketOffice integrates different distribution channels. In addition to classic sales in customer or subscription centers, you can of course access web services and ready-made web applications for sales via the internet or mobile devices.

TicketOffice is fare management as a true all-in-one solution. Switch now.